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Hot trends for summer

Are you planning a party this summer? Whether it’s an elegant wedding reception, a fun-filled family reunion or a birthday bash to remember, take your party to another level by including one or more of these fabulous summer party trends.

Nautical colors
For party décor that is elegant and fun, try combining crisp white with dark navy. Nautical style awning stripe linens are a hot trend this summer. Pair navy chair ties on white chairs with fresh, white linens. Use inexpensive accent pieces like navy picture frames and tie floral decorations with navy ribbons.

Fruity ice cubes
Put your own twist on keeping guests cool and refreshed with fruity ice cubes. Grab some blueberries, strawberries and mint leaves. Place them individually in an ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze.

Flamingo theme
Flamingos are a premier party theme this summer. This is an excellent choice for a birthday party for any age group or a summer baby shower. Decorate in hot pink, neon orange and lime green. Hang hot pink paper lanterns as accents. Inflatable flamingos create a great conversation piece.

Spike a watermelon
This is an adults-only trend that is enjoying another season of popularity. All you need is a watermelon, a funnel and some vodka. Make a hole in the side of your watermelon and slide the funnel inside. Then slowly pour vodka into the watermelon until it is absorbed. Wait and then add more vodka. The watermelon will absorb the vodka. Place the whole thing in your refrigerator and bring it out as a refreshing chilled treat for your (adult) party guests.

Bring in a food truck
Surprise your guests with a visit from a trendy food truck. You can find one that specializes in tacos, sandwiches, noodle bowls, crepes, ice cream or what suits your personal style.  Your guests will love having one roll by during your party. Ask your local party rental company for food truck suggestions and referrals.

Fresh leaves as chargers
Go green. When you’re looking for a special touch that shows sophistication, consider cutting some fresh summer leaves from large plants. Cut them just before the party and place them under clear glass plates on the table. You can also use very large leaves underneath food platters on a buffet table.

Make food stations interactive
Food stations remain popular this summer, and they are getting more interactive. Instead of just choosing foods, allow your guests to participate in the creation of the food. This could be as simple as providing a variety of taco toppings or building an ice cream sundae.

Serve some punch
Old-fashioned punch is another by-gone trend that has become popular again. Serve punch in a traditional bowl with a serving ladle and glass cups. If you don’t have a punch bowl set, rent one. Most rental companies can accommodate.

Try wine smoothies
Wine smoothies are a trend you will see at high-end parties all summer long. This cross between wine and a frozen cocktail is light enough for a summer afternoon and sweet enough for a celebration. To make wine smoothies, combine wine and frozen berries in a blender until smooth. Serve in stemless wine glasses or mason jars for high visual impact.

Set up a photo booth
Photo booths have become a party staple. Provide unique props for guests to wear. Set up a fabric backdrop and decorate with strands of flowers. Buy a polaroid camera and ask a friend to take pictures. Let the party guests take their polaroid pictures home as a memento.

Summer is right around the corner, so start planning and have fun.