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Holiday parties on a budget

With the holiday season approaching, people are starting to consider how they will celebrate. Many will choose to invite their friends and family for a holiday get-together. However, costs can rapidly get out of hand, a fact that is especially problematic this most expensive time of the year.

Here are three tips for having great holiday festivities without breaking the bank.

Turn Your Party into a Potluck

One of the biggest expenses at any holiday party is food for a large number of guests. To help keep this cost down, it can be useful and fun to ask each of your guests to bring a dish of their own. Though you should still prepare a main dish, having a variety of different foods brought by friends and family will save money on side dishes and also make for a more exciting and diverse menu, enhancing the food offerings at your party.

Don’t Worry About Extra Decor

Some people love to decorate practically every inch of their homes in preparation for a holiday party. If so, rely on ornaments and decorations you already have, and use one signature piece to make the biggest statement, for example, a candelabra decorated with flowers instead of candles, a silver urn filled with hot cider or a punch fountain trickling whiskey sours.

Have a Wine, Beer or Eggnog Tasting

Much like food, the drinks at a holiday party can get expensive for the host. Have the guests bring a bottle of their favorite wine or a six-pack of their favorite beer so that everyone can sample a wide variety. Since it’s a holiday party, consider having someone with a good homemade eggnog recipe bring a batch for the guests.

Remember what entertaining during the holiday season is really about – gathering family and friends to eat, drink, give thanks and create special memories.